Salse - Zuccato


The horseradish sauce is obtained by finely grated pickled horseradish . White ivory has a very strong taste and can be served with all dishes.
Ingredients: Horseradish, Vinegar, Rapeseed Oil, Salt, Emulsifiers: (guar gum, xanthan gum), Acidifier (citric acid), Antioxidant: Sodium Metabisulfite, Natural Flavour.

Green sauce

The green sauce which we propose is produced with the finest ingredients. The main ingredient is fresh parsley.
This gives our product a brighter color, impeccable taste , and ideal with all the dishes cooked.
Ingredients: Parsley, Sunflower Seed Oil, Capers, Wine Vinegar, Green Olives, Salt, Sugar, Anchovies, Garlic.

Art code Article Description Size Pieces cts Weight g. Drained g. Composition pallet Cts x layers Cts x pallet EAN code Photo
1802 Horseradish / Kren 212 ml glassjar 12 200 19 8 152 80082019
1811 Horseradish / Kren 720 ml glassjar 6 700 13 10 132 80082521
1822 Green Sauce 212 ml glassjar 12 190 13 13 169 8009140018205