All in oil and Zuccato pickles are the result of a passion for quality, a centuries-old tradition and an irresistible instinct for innovation that, from the very beginning and throughout the twentieth century, has allowed Zuccato to be the avant-garde food industry in Italy and around the world. Maximum control over the supply chain, technologically advanced plants and care of every detail.

The sauerkraut have been for more than a century the protagonist of the Zuccato line.
As a result of the lactic fermentation of cabbage, kept under control with the addition of salt, the Zuccato sauerkraut have been able to be appreciated all over the world.

The sweet and sour wine vinegar cucumbers are famous for their crispness and freshness and are obtained only from raw materials of the highest quality.

Not only sauerkraut and cucumbers, Zuccato offers a wide range of delicacies, fromolives to onions, quality in oil products and in oil, and much more.

The Zuccato pickles are offered in a varied line and suitable to all tastes:

  • Artichokes grown in the land of Salento, home of the famous “Brindisi“, artichoke of a higher   quality.
  • Eggplants in oil from Southern Italy, enriched with Mediterranean flavors.
  • Garlic cloves worked to lose a part of the strong odor and the intense flavor while maintaining the organoleptic and nutritional properties of fresh garlic.
  • Mushrooms champignons with aromas of Italy and natural pitted black olives in extra virgin olive oil, treatment-free.

With Zuccato everything tastes better.

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The sauerkraut have been for more than a century the protagonist of the Zuccato line.
As a result of the lactic fermentation of cabbage, kept under control with the addition of salt, the Zuccato sauerkraut have been able to be appreciated all over the world. Info

The sweet and sour cucumber is a typical food of the Nordic countries that has been very popular with Italians. The success is to be found in the attention paid to the product. Info

Our olives, although of different sizes, have uniform color and size.
The crunchy texture combines into a slightly salty taste that is appreciated for different uses. Info.

A garden salad is taken for granted for its quality and its distinguished composition. The variety, the slightly salty taste, and the color-balanced brings out the features of this product.

The salad made from carrots and celery are cut and spread into matchstick strips with peppers.
An excellent side dish and it is a good ingredient for all salads. Info.

Maggioline onions are small, have a bright white color, combined with a balanced taste.
The beads are very small onions, and are very suitable for stuffing sandwiches and small sandwiches. Info.

These artichokes are cultivated in Salento (Puglia, Southern Italy), an area recognized for its superior quality in growing artichokes called “Brindisi;” these artichokes are very compact and are of fine grade. Info.

These capers have an intense green color, typical of fruit grown in rocky areas, which retain their characteristic flavour.
A little salty but the perfect garnish on any dish: such as salads, pasta, pizza and meat. Info.

The fruits of caper are prized as delicious vegetables, prized in any international cuisine: from salads and appetizers, cheeses or pates, any preferred sauce such as a pasta sauce, or as an accompaniment to cocktails as a substitute for olives or onions. Info.

Venetian, lombardian and Chili peppers The pepper of Lombardy has a long, tapered shape, it is light green, and has a balanced Flavour. Info

Red and yellow peppers (60%), onion (10%), Sunflower Oil, Tomato, Water, Vinegar, Sugar, Salt. Info

Our pannocchiette (baby corns) are small and yellow, which is their typical color, and have a delicate taste.
This product can bring originality to your dishes. Info

The “brovada” is a speciality of Friuli Venezia Giulia generally consumed during the cold periods. It is produced from the turnip slings marinated in grape marc. Info

The red beet (beetroot) are cooked, peeled and sliced wavy.
Ours red beets are grown in the highlands, thus obtaining more sugar beets, a feature unique to this area.
We propose it as a salad, cutting it into threads. Info.

Our vinegar is an excellent sauce, balanced with a delicate flavour. Made from fermented organic apples and then stored in traditional barrels of teak wood. Info.

The horseradish sauce is obtained by finely grated pickled horseradish . White ivory has a very strong taste and can be served with all dishes.
The green sauce which we propose is produced with the finest ingredients.  Info.

Better than bread! The new Zuccato bruschette sauces are ideal to be spread also on toasts or fresh bread for a quick meal, snack or starter. Info.

Give color to your first dishes with the Italian tradition of Red or Genovese Zuccato pesto. Info.

Easy, fast, but most importantly delicious! The new ready sauces Zuccato are the ideal way to bring in your home all the deliciousness of the classic Italian sauces. Info.


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