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Fruits Of Caper

Frutti di Capperi Zuccato

Fruits of caper

The fruits of caper are prized as delicious vegetables, prized in any international cuisine: from salads and appetizers, cheeses or pates, any preferred sauce such as a pasta sauce, or as an accompaniment to cocktails as a substitute for olives or onions.
Ingredients: Fresh caper, Water, Vinegar, Salt, antioxidants: Ac.Citrico, Ac. L-Ascorbic Acid, Sulfur Dioxide.

Art code Article Description Size Pieces cts Weight g. Drained g. Composition pallet Cts x layers Cts x pallet EAN code Photo
1262 Caperberries 8/15 mm 370 ml glassjar 12 330 190 12 11 132 80082538 Frutti di Cappero - Barattolo 370 ml vetro - Zuccato
1271 Caperberries
8/15 mm
720 ml glassjar 6 690 380 19 7 133 80082514   Frutti di Cappero - Barattolo 720 ml vetro - Zuccato
1282 Caperberries
15/18 mm
1700 ml glassjar 6 1.550 950 10 6 60 80082644   Frutti di Cappero - Barattolo 1700 ml vetro - Zuccato



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Ingredients for 4 people 300g of Zuccato sauerkrauts 1.5 kg of cherry tomatoes 1 pinch of oregano juice of 1/2 lemon juice of 1/2 orange salt For the decoration fruit of caper Zuccato Zuccato black [...]

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